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Ultimate Gold & Silver Bubble Balloon Set

RM 210.00

An Elegant bunch of balloons can say all that you are unable to say. So why not show your love in a way that is unconditional and pure. To help you send the perfect message we are open to delivering the balloon bunch, along with any additional cake or gift order you might have planned. Making it easier for you to make a grand gesture that is hard to resist.

To help ensure that you are able to see your thought through, we are offering to deliver your balloon bunch; along with any other cake or gift delivery, you might have in mind.

A shiny, chrome set that is so irresistible and photogenic! A must-have for all the chrome lovers out there!

Set includes:

  • 1x 24" customised bubble balloon
  • 6 x 11" chrome latex balloon in gold
  • 6 x 11" chrome latex balloon in silver